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The International Organization participates in a women's conference on the front lines in Lebanon

On the sidelines of the title, "Women on the Frontline", the "May Shidiac Foundation" held at the Phenicia-Beirut Hotel yesterday, its sixth annual conference under the patronage of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, represented by Minister of Public Health Ghassan Hasbani. Marwan Hamadeh, Women's Affairs, Jean Oghassabian, British Ambassador Hugo Schorter, European Union Ambassador Christina Lassen and a number of MPs, as well as political, human rights and social figures in Lebanon.

Shidiac began by thanking the Prime Minister for his patronage of the conference, pointing out the copy of Hariri's new version, which introduced "New Trend" on the Lebanese scene, hoping that all other Lebanese politicians will become infected.

On the basis of change, Shidiac called on "Lebanese women" to engage seriously in politics, society and the Intifada. Pointing to the "pervasive dilemmas" in our societies - most notably the "pests of the sex trade", the mistreatment of girls and women in refugee camps and their sexual exploitation. It also denounced the phenomenon of "intimidation of journalists - especially journalists" of some symbols of the Syrian occupation era, who are used to the security and intelligence work, and today returned to their repressive practices in front of their entry (Parliament Committee).

For his part, Hasbani stressed the need to move forward in liberating women from social restrictions, such as unfair laws, domestic violence, early marriage in some societies and other unfortunate situations ... to provide opportunities in parallel with men in determining their destiny and destiny.

In defense of women’s rights several sessions were held with the participation of leading women ( International , Arabs , Lebanese ) in various fields, spoke about the theme of the "slave trade", as well as panel discussions on women - and women survivors of war - to present experiences of women who have faced confrontations against repression in some countries.

Vice president of the International Organization for Human Rights and International Law, and President of the Association of Lebanese Political Prisoners in Syrian Prisons, Mr. Ali Abu Dahan, and Public Relations Officer at the Media Association, Rania Haidar attended the conference.

Abu Dahan, the liberated detainee, stressed the importance of freedoms, especially the freedom of Lebanese detainees held in Syrian prisons. He called on the international community, international organizations, Lebanese authorities and NGOs to address this issue and release the last detainee in Syrian prisons.

He stressed the importance of caring for human rights in all its horizons and to amend most of the laws and legislations that guarantee human life. In this way, Abu Dahan noted the "pioneering role of women" in building a global human society.

Rania Haidar, public relations officer for the Association of Lebanese Political Prisoners in Syrian Prisons, noted that "human trafficking" is a form of "slavery" and a violation of human rights, a crime that affects "human security".

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