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A meeting of the International Board of Directors of the Organization in Istanbul to discuss the mechanism of work

The President of the Board of Directors of the International Organization for Human Rights and International Law, Dr. Iyhan Jav held a meeting in the Turkish city of Istanbul in the presence of the Vice-President of the Council, Dr. Ali Abu Dahan, and Mr. Mohammed Perro, the official of the Committee against Torture and Arbitrary Detention, the meeting was attended by Dr. Abdul Aziz Tarikji, Executive Director of the Organization, Ms. Rania Haidar, Central Information Officer in the organization, advisor Mr. Khaled Al-Sayyed, Public Relations Officer, and Ms. Rana Houran, Director of the Women's and Children's Rights Committee.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss the latest developments in human rights in the world and work to activate the role of committees in the organization, the meeting concluded with several points, the most important of which is the work on issuing monthly binding reports from all the committees, showing their individual activities in support of the human rights march, and working on issuing periodic reports on human rights violations in the world in order to activate the organization's communication with the international human rights mechanisms.

A meeting of the Board of Directors was set for December next year, and the time and place will be determined later.

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International Organization for Human Rights and International Law
3 \ 10 \ 2018