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The delegation of the organization participates in the activities of honoring a batch of students from the Observatory for Studies and Media Production in the Municipality of Sidon

The International Organization for Human Rights and International Law called on the association "Monitor Association for Human Rights" in a ceremony held in the building of the Municipality of Saida, the first anniversary of the development of the "Center for the monitoring of studies and media production".

The organization was represented by the Public Relations Officer the advisor Khalid Al Sayed and the Chairperson of the Committee on Women's and Children's Rights, Mrs. Rana Houran.

Mr. Al-Sayed addressed the organization’s speech during the ceremony, in which he discussed the importance of initiatives to support youth and empower their role in the local and international community, in addition to the importance of research, reports and studies carried out by the "Monitor" team, which shed light on the suffering of the refugees, the humanitarian situation in terms of education and medicine and respect for the standards of transparency, human rights and international law.

Mr. Al-Sayed confirmed to the colleagues at “Monitor Association for Human Rights” and its newly established media center, saying: It is a special partnership we cherish, and we are with you as long as you continue to defend fair issues within the framework of respect for the International Bill of Human Rights, and work transparently and honestly.

Thank you and all those who contribute to alleviate the suffering of the oppressed and defend their rights and thank the colleagues in the Monitor, headed by friend and colleague dr. Ramzi Awad, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Human Rights Monitor, which played a prominent role in the progress, development and integration of human rights and media work.

The ceremony was attended by a group of young graduates in the field of media. The delegation of the organization participated in honoring the graduate students and handing them certificates and praising their active role in society.

International Organization for Human Rights and International Law
Central Information Authority
Done at 10/3/2019