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The organization strongly condemns and deplores the two terrorist attacks targeting peaceful civilians in the New Zealand-based Christchurch region

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The organization strongly condemns and deplores the two terrorist attacks targeting peaceful civilians in the New Zealand-based Christchurch region

On October 15, 2019, the International Organization for Human Rights and International Law received painful news and information about two criminal attacks on mosques in Christchurch on Denis Street and the second on Leenwood Street in New Zealand. According to identical sources, the incident happened during the Friday prayers, as the shooting began at around 22:45 local time, especially at the time of Friday prayer for Muslims in the city.

The number of victims of the armed attack on two mosques in the city of Christchurch increased to 49 dead, "37 dead in a mosque and 12 dead in the other mosque," and about fifty injured, including children, and of different nationalities, several news reports have reported that the terrorist carrying out a shooting attack inside the two mosques In Christchurch, New Zealand, recorded a live video on the social networking site "Facebook" to document his criminal terrorist operation, which left dozens of innocent victims.

It is quite surprising, that the site "Facebook" did not prohibit the horrific scenes, the executor continued to photograph the process until the end, social networking sites, especially Facebook, have logarithms on live video or any content that detects any inappropriate content from violence and others, obscures them directly, and at most these content can be broadcast for only a minute.

It is interesting to note that these logarithms, which can even examine property rights, have not been able to sense what happened when the terrorist broadcast this process, and this indicates that there are shortcomings in the platforms of social communication. It is likely that this is the result of multiple factors due to the existence of violence around the world, and the availability of tools that helped the criminal to do so from the weapon and live broadcast and others, and may be the product of computer games, which incite violence and encourages to carry out combat missions.

Where social networking sites were supposed to emphasize published material, and to prevent any scene involving violence, weapons or the like, it was necessary to create such barriers.

Those who committed this heinous crime wanted to inflict the greatest number of human losses and to cause chaos in the city and in all New Zealand, which remained stubborn to anyone who tried to penetrate it from abroad, so they tried to destroy it from within.

Chaos began to engulf streets and squares in the city of Christchurch and reactions began as a result of the blood spasm over who died, causing chaos, confusion and fear among people.

New Zealand is a Southwest Pacific nation with an area of 26,802.0 square kilometers, with a capital of Wellington, with a population of 4.907,200 people. Founded on September 26, 1907, New Zealand is located in the southeast of Australia Two thousand kilometers across the Tasmanian Sea, with no land borders with any country, is located on the continent of Oceania, a continent in the Southwest Pacific comprising Australia and its surrounding islands. The island consists of the islands of the North Island and the South, in addition to a number of small islands, most notably Stewart Island and Chatham. The countries closest to it are Caledonia in its north and Fiji Tonga. The name of this country in Maori means white cloud territory.

The majority of New Zealanders are of European origin (74%), while the original Maori are the largest minority 15%. Asians and Pacific Island peoples also constitute large minority groups, especially in urban areas. The most common language is English 96% New Zealand is a developed country where it ranks high in international classifications on many subjects, including education, economic freedom and lack of corruption. Its cities are also consistently ranked among the most livable in the world.

That we are in the International Organization of Human Rights and International Law, declaring our full solidarity with the families of the victims and affected, and extend our heartfelt condolences to all those who have died, wishing all the wounded speedy recovery, and condemn our condemnation and deploring of all practices of violence, murder, assassination and enforced disappearance, whatever their sources and justifications, anywhere in the world, but we see this terrorist crime as a systematic process organized terrorist entry into mosques full of worshipers and relied on people belonging to extremist right-wing currents, some of them called the White Right, it has links and connections with international organizations, based on an extremist fundamentalist discourse that targets Muslims and immigrants, the criminal process is highly terrorist and racist. It is the other face of extremist terrorist movements such as Dahesh, al-Nosra, al-Qa'ida, Bukuram, the Somali Youth Organization and other terrorist currents in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Terrorism is a phenomenon that is not related to Muslims and is used by extremist Islamic and Yemeni groups. It exists in the same ideas everywhere. Terrorism is a phenomenon related to the thought generated by Western governments that created the causes of migration and the presence of refugees. This process is a blow to the policies of these governments. The Muslims are immediately accused of any incident. Here, however, there has been an adverse reaction. What is more dangerous is that there are people's ideas that Muslims are anti-Semitic, especially in the circumstances of the Middle East, and the emergence of Islamist terrorism.

We in the international organization for Human Rights and International law emphasize that the process if it was the initial appearance of individual, but it is a dangerous sign that this phenomenon is escalating through previous incidents in Europe, is expected to be repeated, and the actor exists and repeated and his ideas spread and growing increasingly, Parties that reach power, which is a very big problem that needs serious attention and pressure on the sovereignty of the nature of human tolerance and acceptance of the other human. We call upon:
1. The immediate cessation of all acts of violence, murder and bloodshed in general, whatever the sources of such violence and its legislation and whatever forms of support and justification, religious or non-religious.

2. Launch a global campaign to abolish all licenses to carry individual and collective weapons, except in accordance with the domestic laws of each country in the world, provided that legal controls are established for the use of these weapons.

3. International legal and juridical action internationally in order to stand firmly against all calls to incite hatred and hostility in various countries of the world, to expose them, to reveal them and to carry them out, and to stop all calls and practices based on violence, killing and terrorism that strike all the foundations of civil peace and co-existence.

4. Meeting the living, economic and humanitarian needs of the displaced within countries of immigration and asylum, in a way that does not conflict with the rights of indigenous peoples.

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