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(Individuals Membership Rules and Regulations)

-Any person that is dedicated and faithful to the principles of the human rights all over the world has the right to become a member in the Organization. And to prove that, the applicant must provide a list of the activities and actions he has done which serve and protect the human rights, and all the activities that make him qualify and become an active member.
-Any person who would like to become a member of the network must fill an application and submit it directly to the Board of Directors through any of the means mentioned at the network’s official website.
Applicant must provide the following documents:

1. Resume (CV), legal record, copy of the ID or passport, photo, and copies of his degrees and certificates.
2. A cover letter in which the applicant explains his interest in joining the network, and agreeing to the network’s rules and regulations. Applicant must agree on working with other members based on the principles of friendship, brotherhood and mutual respect, and to respect and work based on the network's rules and regulations, to achieve all the goals and targets of the network.
3. Applicant must be at least 18 years old.
4. Applicant should not be convicted in any crime or has any criminal record. Also, he has to be educated and has a good reputation.
5. Applicant cannot be in any decision-making position of any political entity, organization or association with goals or interests that are not compatible or in conflict with the network’s goals and interests.
6. To work for the benefit of the network and to avoid any actions or behaviors that might offend, hurt, or impede achieving the network’s goals.

Members Responsibilities:

• All members must promote the network’s interests and avoid any behavior that could harm the reputation of the network, or hinders the achievement of the network’s targets locally, regionally or internationally.
• To support members’ efforts and participating in the conferences and meetings held by the networks.
• To abide to the rules of procedure of the network.
• To respect and be committed to the decisions of the Board of Directors.
• To pay the membership yearly fee as mentioned in the rules of procedure.
• To inform the Board of Directors about any harm or violations that any member is experiencing.
(For Associations and Organizations Membership)

All organizations, associations, institutions, and human rights groups that promote and work for the protection of human rights locally, globally and internationally, have the right to become a member of the network by applying to the International Board of Directors directly or by any of the means listed on the official website, and to provide the following:
1. Membership application.
2. A letter pledging to respect the goals and the terms of the network’s rules of procedure, signed by the organization’s Board of Directors and stamped by the organization’s seal.
3. A copy of the organization’s logo and the statutes of the organization.
4. A copy of all documents and materials in which the organization worked to protect and promote human rights.
5. A list of the Board of Directors and the Administrative Board members.
6. A letter that appoints the official representative of the organization accompanied with his CV/resume and a current picture. The letter must be signed and stamped with the organization’s seal.
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