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الإسم بالعربية : المنظمة الدولية لحقوق الإنسان و القانون الدولي
Name in English :International Organization for Human Rights and International Law

On the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the tenth day of December 1948 issue and since then the peoples of the world celebrate in this important historical day, For its humanitarian and ethical meanings of regulating the lives of communities and bring them back to humanity.

As the human rights and fundamental freedoms, rights and freedoms of authentic, can not get off it, has fought for human beings, generation after generation, sacrificed for the sake of which they required a full-fledged, and have done so for the sake of their souls and blood.

As the defense of human rights and fundamental freedoms and the duty may not be the default or inaction by.

Consistent with the values received heavenly and heavenly religions and with the basic principles contained in each of the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the African Charter on Human and Peoples' international human rights, especially the human rights and economic, social and cultural on Civil and Political rights and optional protocols and the International Covenant International Covenant agreements attached to it and the declarations and conventions on the elimination of all forms of extremism, racial discrimination and discrimination against women and all conventions on the rights of peoples, especially their right to self-determination.

As all human rights and political freedoms are interconnected and indivisible.

Since it is possible that restricts any right of human rights and political freedoms established in the declarations and international conventions on the basis of the law, regulations or custom, or degrade them on the pretext not to adopt these instruments.

Due to the urgent need for global networking between institutions and human rights organizations, social and humanitarian aim of strengthening the role of organizations and individuals of human rights defenders and freedom of thought and opinion and the media in the Arab world and all countries of the world, prompting a number of defenders activists for human rights and the composition of International Organization for Human Rights and International Law, who saw that need salt for the establishment of a global Organization university is struggling to look after and promote and protect human rights and fundamental freedoms, and sets out to be an incubator for all institutions that are struggling humanity in order, human rights and seeks to develop and protect and respect in terms of respect for human rights that are fundamental to the work of the observer of the international Organization of human rights case which takes its authority from the fundamental values and principles enshrined in the international Bill of human rights and international humanitarian law.

International Organization for Human Rights and International Law, made up of institutions, organizations, associations, bodies, centers and individual members are calling for humanity in all countries of the world in accordance with the strong partnerships without any distinction or discrimination, but concentrated work of the Organization on networking among all members and groups that advocate for the promotion and protection of human rights and the rights of peoples in the world.

Legal status and publicity for the Organization

1. Was established to become now in the new launch date (the tenth in December 2016) as "the International Organization for Human Rights and International Law" an international Organization of non-governmental, non-political an independent not-for-profit exercise.
2. Basic Organization of reference is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and is committed to legal means in the performance of their tasks.
3. The main Organization's headquarters in the city of Drammen in the Kingdom of Norway, and is entitled to choose active members and coordinators and delegates and envoys and representatives, managers and ambassadors all over the world.
4. independent international Organization have considered legal personality independent financial edema and established in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country of the headquarters.
5. The Organization also has the right to have a sub-regional offices and in any country, and are licensed by the state, which is active on its soil system.

Organization operating within the committees and bodies fixed plan are:

1. Membership Committee in the Organization
Is responsible for the receipt of applications for membership of the Organization and the Commission are located on the responsibility to receive requests wishing to join the Organization and the preparation of the first report to the UN administration about the availability of legal conditions in the application for membership and to express an opinion and to respond to the applicant of the decision issued.

2. The central information service in the Organization
Is the body responsible for the preparation of reports, press releases and media electronic publishing and monitoring Organization news in the media and to prepare reports and submit them to the Board of Directors is working under the supervision of the Central Information Officer.

3. Search Committee documenting violations
Drafters are responsible for the research and documentation of issues and reports of human rights violations in addition to receiving reports and news of violations of human rights organizations and institutions friendly and report these violations and submit them to the International Board of Directors.

4. The Committee on Women and Children's Rights
The Commission is competent in all issues concerning the rights of women and children from the education and preparation of reports, studies and research, documentation and reporting campaigns with respect to the International Board of Directors.

5. Support Committee and legal support
Is the Legal Committee, which specializes in all legal matters with the Organization

6. Committee to support human rights defenders
It is the competent committee to prepare a mechanism of support for human rights defenders who are subjected to harassment and targeting and defend them in front of the authorities concerned.

7. Committee of freedom of opinion and the press
It is the competent committee to prepare reports and collect news about violations of freedom of opinion and the press.

8. Committee of refugees and migrants' rights
Special monitor the situation and news of refugees and migrants and the development of the mechanism for communication with governments and institutions concerned.

9. Study and legal research
It is the Legal Committee for the preparation of reports and studies of legal and human rights research

10. Committee of torture and arbitrary detention
Special issues of torture and arbitrary arrests and enforced disappearance of the Committee and it is responsibility of receiving complaints and documentation of incidents related to these issues and communicate with the victims and the authorities concerned.

11. Commission of Human and Social Affairs
Is the Commission which is reporting on the humanitarian and social situation and trying to work out the conditions available to shed light on these matters in the countries of the world.

12. Committee on Legal translation of Organization
Special legal translation committee and everything related to the interpretation of the languages available in the Organization

13. International Committee of the awards
The Committee by which the submission of nominations for the defenders of human rights and personalities who work for humanity in order to honor them and give them international awards decided by the Board of Directors.
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